The treatment of brain tumors needs an interdisciplinary approach in order to assure the best possible care of every individual, conform to ethical standards and newest scientific cognitions.


Our brain tumor program comprises all modern components to help patients with brain tumors: evaluation and diagnosis, latest interdisciplinary treatment options, thorough follow-up and psychosocial support. We welcome patients who are newly diagnosed or have already received previous treatment for a brain tumor. The symptoms that the patients with brain tumors experience depend on the location of the tumor. Typical symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, seizures, paresis, speech disorder, visual impairment and intellectual dysfunction such as memory and concentration problems. In the therapy of brain tumors, an operation is the first step. By resecting the mass, we are able to reduce the complaints of the patient and we obtain tissue for specific diagnosis. In some cases only a biopsy can be taken. Since we are part of an interdisciplinary tumor board, we are able to recommend an individually adapted postoperative adjuvant treatment concept following international guidelines . This may include radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination of adjuvant therapies. After the surgery is done we see our patients back on a regular basis depending on which type of tumor was treated and what additional therapy is necessary.

We welcome patients from Belgium as well as international patients. Short term appointments are usually possible, even for patients without medical urgency. Many patients are worried by the diagnosis of a brain tumor and wish quick diagnostic clarification. You can make an appointment with one of our brain tumor specialists in the outpatient clinic (link raadplegingen)

The main focusses of our brain tumor program are :