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Dr Johnny Duerinck studied medicine at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and continued his education at the UZ Brussel. He has been working as a neurosurgeon in our department since 2013.

He completed his training in neurosurgery at the University Hospital Brussels, where he has concentrated on (both surgical and non-surgical) treatment of brain tumors since the beginning of his training. He also spent several time periods in foreign centers in Montpellier and Milan to learn techniques that are used to operate brain injuries that are located near functionally important brain zones. He is also interested in complex spinal neurosurgery using both minimally invasive and open techniques.

Prof Dr Duerinck conducts research into new treatment methods for brain tumors (cfr and also into new technological evolutions in neurosurgery, with an emphasis on implementation of Augmented Reality into neurosurgery. See also–augmented-real/

Curriculum vitae

Medical Education

2000-2007 Medical doctor (VUB)

2007-2013 Neurosurgical training (Uz Brussel)

2009-2013 EANS European Training Course in Neurosurgery

2017 PhD in Medical Sciences

multiple international training courses in cranial and spinal neurosurgery

Clinical Specialities

General Neurosurgery

Oncological Neurosurgery – functional mapping

Spine Neurosurgery


BANO (Belgian Association of Neuro-Oncology)

SNO (Society for Neuro-Oncology)

EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies) – Neuro-oncology division

EORTC Brain Tumor Group


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Dokter Duerinck has a consultation on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning (general neurosurgery) and Wednesday morning (neuro-oncology). For an appointment call 024776012 (general neurosurgery) or 024776040 (oncology)