Dr Samuel Klein


Dr. Samuel Klein studied medicine at the KU Leuven University and then continued his training in neurosurgery at UZ Leuven. During his training in neurosurgery he started his PhD thesis on the regulation of cerebral blood flow entitled “Pathophysiology of impaired cerebrovascular autoregulation in acute brain injury”. He has been working in our department since 2019. His interest is in tumors of the skull base and craniocervical transition, brain tumors, spinal cord tumors and spinal neurosurgery. He also remains active in research into the diagnosis and treatment of diseases with disturbed cerebral blood flow.

Curriculum vitae

Medical Education

2005 – 2012: Bachelor & Master of Medicine KU Leuven, Magna cum laude

2012 – 2019: Advanced Master in Specialist Medicine – Neurosurgery, UZ Leuven

2019: Staff Neurosurgeon, UZ Brussel

Multiple national and international training courses in Cranial & Spinal neurosurgery

Clinical interests

Skull base, pituitary & Craniocervical junction Neurosurgery

Brain- and Medullary Tumor Neurosurgery

Spinal Neurosurgery

General Neurosurgery


BSN – Belgian Society of Neurosurgery

BANO – Belgian Association of Neuro-Oncology

EANS – European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

CARNet – Cerebral Autoregulation Research Network


See Pubmed à author “Klein SP”